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The development prospect of screen printing industry

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Screen printing because it can print in a variety of printing materials up, such as molecular compounds, plastics, textiles, metal, glass, porcelain, etc., and thus many people Pu Qi called universal printing. Screen printing applications are widely covered: advertising, art industry, construction industry, publishing industry, printing and dyeing industry, electronics industry.
Flat printing, embossing, gravure three printing methods can only be the most simple surface of the substrate to the uplink, but the screen printing can not only in the most simple surface printing, but also in the spherical surface of the ball and convex surface Of the substrate to print up. On the other hand can also be in the soft objects, hard objects on the printing of things not subject to restrictions. As the screen printing suitability is very strong, its scope of application is also more extensive. As China's consumer brand awareness gradually increased, enterprises in order to promote their own corporate image or to promote a product are often very adept at the effectiveness of advertising, the type of advertising for the screen printing industry to provide a broad and wide space. At present, the screen printing industry has been extended to the solar energy batteries, electronic products, paint industry and other high-tech industries and traditional industries.
 With China's reform and opening up policy to further deepen, China or will become the largest screen printing market, screen printing will undoubtedly play a significant role:
A: Screen printing in the application of economic activities in advertising. In the economic activities of competition, due to large outdoor advertising wide field of vision, the effect of good businessmen can afford to see. Screen printing With the progress of commercial advertising, where widely used;
Second: screen printing in the packaging industry applications. Asian packaging market is developing rapidly, and China's packaging industry to improve the most swift. Packaging, packaging bottles, wine bags and other aspects of large-scale packaging and outside the product for China's screen printing industry has brought a broad and broad space for development;
Three: screen printing in the application of electronic products. In the electronic products, screen printing technology occupancy rate of nine or more, such as switches, operating panels, revealing screen and so are inseparable from the screen printing.
According to "2011 China Screen Printing Market Research Report" revealed that the 21st century economy flashing knowledge, information, networking, digital and other characteristics of the logo. It will give silk brush printing industry to bring a wide range of broad market progress in front of the scene. With the growth of many people living standards, the requirements of the screen printing products are getting higher and higher. Screen printing rely on its unique and unique place, so that it has a strong momentum and progress potential power.
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