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A 16th century old poker starting price of 400,000 yuan

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In the opening of the Seventh China Poker Collection Culture Expo yesterday, the old version of "Yue Fei Chuan" foreign painting poker to arouse many middle-aged childhood memories. Yesterday, the Seventh China Poker Collection Culture Fair held in Wuhan Blue Sky Hotel, more than 300 poker collection lovers, around in this pair of "astronomical" poker booth, carefully appreciate, praise.
 In the opening of the Seventh China Poker Collection Culture Expo yesterday, the old version of "Yue Fei Chuan" foreign painting poker to arouse many middle-aged childhood memories.
Reporter Yu Zhiyong photo
 76 years ago, Wuhan public street to see the air war. Reporter Dai Hongbing photo
 The left is the ordinary poker, the right is the 16th century old poker. Reporter Dai Hongbing photo
A seemingly ordinary playing cards, starting price actually reached 40 million. Yesterday, the Seventh China Poker Collection Culture Fair held in Wuhan Blue Sky Hotel, more than 300 poker collection enthusiasts, around in this pair of "astronomical" poker booth, carefully appreciate, praise.
16th century old poker starting price of 400,000 yuan
The 7th China Poker Collection Culture Exposition, co-sponsored by the China Collectors Association Poker Collection Committee, the National Paper Collection Collection Poker Collection Committee and the Wuhan Collectors Association, in addition to the exhibition of fine poker collections throughout the country, Forums, collection lectures and poker exchange auctions.
The most attractive, than the exhibition hall placed a striking old poker, but also the exchange of auctions nearly 200 pieces of the highest starting price.
Rough look, this pair of astronomical poker seems nothing special, but compared with the ordinary poker, its special place to show: First, only the pattern to show points, there is no number on the edge, ordinary poker every Zhang has up and down the symmetry of the number; Second, all the cards, especially J, Q, K on the patterns are one-way, and ordinary poker can be identified from top to bottom two-way pattern.
The card collector, Huang Shi poker collector Zhou Yanlin said that we now use the poker is the 18th century after the production of printing technology produced, and this pair is the middle of the 16th century produced by the classical version of the color of the old poker, is the world One of the earliest poker. From the color of poker can be seen, is hand-colored up.
Surprisingly, although this pair of poker is used, but after a slight bend, still can quickly recover straight. Zhou Yanlin said with a smile, although this card is horse manure paper to do, but the paper is quite good. He pointed to the whole card of the "king" said, you look at the woodcut pattern is very fine, the above also marked with the production of Belgium.
Talking about how to get this pair of poker after, Zhou Yanlin memories, it was the early 90s of last century, he was in Shanghai antique market to 300 yuan price scoop down. Because this poker is very rare, it is particularly valuable.
Zhou Yanlin said: "Most people think that poker is from abroad to China's exotic, recently, there are academic studies that my poker from the side to prove that poker from China, or its invention at least by the ancient Chinese 'leaves' Inspiration and influence.You see, this card on the J pattern, how much like the existing German museum in Xinjiang, Turkey unearthed a 1150 years ago 'leaves' pattern, but the face of the people into a foreigner.
The reason why the auction will be set at 400,000 yuan, Zhou Yanlin said: At present, the world's first poker shot 2.58 million US dollars astronomical, my pair of poker collection and research value, much more than 400,000 yuan.
Wuhan anti-war old photo debut poker
Wuhan war is an important milestone in China's war of resistance, how to show this historical event in a poker card is a very difficult thing, yesterday's collection of cultural exposition "to defend the big Wuhan" poker starting ceremony, the delegates look The distribution of ink fragrance playing cards, looking at the above a piece of precious old photos, repeatedly praised.
This pair of poker is on the 54 card face, with 71 precious old photos, the panorama show the 1937 Marco Polo Bridge incident to 1938 October, the Chinese war into the "defend the big Wuhan" stage of all aspects. Poker "King" is published in the United States Life Weekly piece of a uniform, eyes firmly looking at the distant "Chinese soldiers" classic anti-war photos.
"Defending big Wuhan" poker planner, Wuhan ten folk collectors Mr. Guo Xun introduced, the poker is one of the most popular entertainment projects, playing from three years ago, he planned and launched the Wuhan element series of poker, Has launched the "Wuhan old film" "old Wuhan folk customs" "Mao Zedong and Wuhan" three full of elements of Wuhan poker, and at the same time how to use poker to promote the war in Wuhan. To this end, he traveled to Wuhan numerous archives and libraries, access to a large number of historical data, but also by many experts and scholars and relevant departments to support the final selection of 71 old photos, carefully arranged for "defend the big Wuhan" poker.
Famous Wuhan local history expert Mr. Xu Mingting heard the news, personally wrote a pen for this move applauded. He said: In the past 70 years, I have read and read a series of books and pictures on the Wuhan war, but the use of poker to introduce the history of the defense of Wuhan, which is Guo Xun's first, could not help Applaud it.
Let Xu Mingting feel delighted that there are two old pictures in the poker that are ingenious in design and composition, First, the Zhongshan ship and the enemy battle pictures, the upper left corner of the ship's captain Sasha Jun's head, the second is the year Wuhan factory, the school moved to make a significant contribution to the livelihood of the company's ship photos, the upper right corner of the people's livelihood company founding People, China's shipping industry pioneer Lu Zuofu's head. "Sasha Jun and Lu Zuofu's head is small, but printed well, lifelike." Xu Mingting sigh.
This pair of poker, Xu Mingting also accidentally found a few old photos never seen, for example, April 1938, Wuhan people in the streets to watch the air four pictures, people or leaning on rickshaws, or standing Before the ad column, expression or nervous anxious, or surprised joy, vividly on paper. In 1938, Wuhan became the target of indiscriminate bombing, Wuhan during the war, the Soviet air force shot down more than 80 aircraft, 9 injured.
So that Xu Mingting amazed there, this pair of poker cards printed on each back "to defend the big Wuhan" lyrics: "This song like the Spanish people to defend the song of Madrid, then quickly spread all over the town of Wuhan, Guo Xun from dust Many years of old books to explore this song out, very profound meaning, both 'Wuhan Battle of war' historical evidence, but also told the current young people, in addition to the current popular songs, more than 70 years ago, the Chinese nation survived The critical juncture, as well as resounding the sky war of war. "Reporter Dai Hongbing
The first step in collecting poker is the key
As a tool for public entertainment, poker collection attracted a large number of collection lovers, reporters at the meeting yesterday, a rough estimate, only the Wuhan region has more than 30,000 collection of poker citizens. But seemingly simple poker collection, to come up with achievements, or some tips.
Liu Fusheng, director of Hubei Poker Culture Collection Club, said that many people go to a tourist attraction, like to see poker to buy, and then at home, so pure "buy" general collection, poker collection of taboo. We recommend to the public, first choice of a collection direction, for example, there are scenic spots poker collection, there are special collection of celebrity great poker, and some around the family name poker to collect, so, similar to the collection, In order to collect the edge of the study, both to find the fun of collecting poker, but also with a certain degree of economic benefits.




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